Introducing RBC Partner Solutions

Together, this is Canada's most comprehensive suite of products, services, and platforms to drive growth for RBC Partners

Ampli, Offers & Rewards

With over 30 years of experience in loyalty to lean on, and investments in next-generation capabilities such as Ampli, RBC has the most comprehensive suite of engagement and loyalty platforms in Canada.

  • Ampli
  • Join Ampli – Canada’s best Cash Back App

    Our next-gen cash back app delivers unparalleled value to Canadians, while we gain new insights from millions of merchant transactions.

    Our Impact and Reach

    • Ampli members have earned $800K+ in cash back and Dreamstakes prizes.

      Feedback from Ampli members has been amazing, with a 4+ App Store rating.

    • Ampli members have channeled over $1B in transactions through the Ampli app from linked credit and debit cards.

      On average, Ampli partners have seen a 34%+ increase in basket size from Ampli offers.

    Your Opportunity

    • Launch Targeted Rich Offers in the app with a strong ‘first-time use’ incentive to attract new customers.

      Launch Always-On Offers and Dreamstakes Entries to drive loyalty and repeat visits.

    • Limited Time Offers to increase average basket size with controlled spend incentives.

  • RBC Offers
  • RBC Offers is a cost-effective way to reach millions of loyal RBC Clients

    We’ve integrated RBC Offers into our most visited digital and physical channels, giving you the ability to reach highly-engaged and loyal RBC Clients.

    Our Impact and Reach

    • Integrated offer presentment within Online Banking and the RBC Mobile App.

      Offers on the RBC Offers Portal Website.

    • Presence in our Offer e-Newsletter reaching millions per issue.

      And offers displayed across several other key channels, such as our in-branch digital displays,, and the RBC Rewards app.

    Your Opportunity

    • Targeted and mass market offer constructs to drive sales, acquire new customers, or increase share of wallet.

      Deploy win-back and bounce back offer campaigns.

    • Test regionally, different channels, and sub-segments of the RBC Client base (e.g., RBC Rewards vs. non-RBC Rewards).

    RBC Offers
  • RBC Rewards

    RBC Rewards is expanding to more RBC Clients and has become Canada’s #1 Loyalty Platform

    Our program is growing with highly-engaged members.

    Our Impact and Reach

    • 5MM

      Members and growing


      Digital & offline impressions, annually

    • 85%

      Members redeem digitally


      Open-rate for e-Rewards Newsletters

    Your Opportunity

    • Merchandise Redemption

      Customers can reward themselves with your products and services by redeeming RBC Rewards points online.

      Pay with Points

      Customers can redeem RBC Rewards points to pay for all or part of any purchases in-store or redemptions online.

    • Gift Card Redemption

      Customers have the option to redeem RBC Rewards points for your gift cards.

      Points Conversion

      Customers can convert points between RBC Rewards and your loyalty program.

    RBC Rewards

Our most audacious endeavor yet. We’re completely reimagining the role we play in our clients’ lives, and in doing so, we’re reinventing what a bank can be.

  • RBC Ventures
  • RBC Ventures reaches millions of Canadians in new, innovative ways

    Since our launch in 2018, RBC Ventures has launched, invested in or acquired a variety of innovative start-ups and ventures reaching millions of Canadians.

    Our Impact and Reach

    • 3.3MM

      Canadians reached by YE 2020.


      Investments in early and growth-stage companies.

    • 13

      Live Ventures across a variety of business areas such as Home, Mobility, and Health & Wellness.


      Acquisitions, with more planned.

    Your Opportunity

    • Meet desirable consumer segments, early

      Arrive meets newcomers before they arrive in Canada.

      Ownr meets entrepreneurs trying to launch their business.

      Prepped meets young professionals starting their careers.

    • Engage consumers at key moments

      Our suite of Home Ventures engages consumers when they’re searching, buying, moving, maintaining, and selling their homes.

      Business Ventures help entrepreneurs start, manage and grow their businesses.

    RBC Ventures

Data & Analytics

With access to millions of aggregated transactions, we build a picture of your industry’s landscape – and where you sit in that landscape.

Data & Analytics – Our foundation for driving topline business results

  • A Smart Architecture


    Learn how you are doing relative to competitors and adjacent markets.

  • A Smart Architecture

    Geo-Location Analytics

    Advanced location and spend analytics to find merchant partnership opportunities.

  • A Smart Architecture

    A Smart Architecture

    Data architecture enabling Big Data aggregation, insights mining, and machine learning.

  • A Smart Architecture


    Customer segmentations that identifies their preferences, priorities, and lifestyle.

  • A Smart Architecture

    Propensity Modeling

    Predict future customer behaviour to provide relevant offers and retain spend.

  • A Smart Architecture

    The Right Tools

    Investments into modern Business Intelligence tools, state-of-the-art in machine learning and artificial intelligence.

  • A Smart Architecture

    Loyalty Analytics

    Understand customer repeat purchase behaviour and loyalty status.

  • A Smart Architecture

    The Best People

    Supported by one of the best teams of data scientists, data engineers and business analysts in Canada and North America.

Bespoke Financial Products & Services

Traditional financial products, services, and channels to reach an array of RBC clients.

Financial Products & Services – Take advantage of cutting edge RBC payment, technology and other innovations

  • Credit at Checkout

    Credit at Checkout

    Credit card application embedded in checkout flow can incentivize customers at POS (e.g., $50 off or 10% off).

  • Co-branded Credit Cards

    Co-branded Credit Cards

    Credit cards building brand awareness and encouraging spend at your stores.

  • Employee & Group Banking

    Employee & Group Banking

    Competitive everyday banking products and services, plus the ability to earn RBC Rewards points.

  • Branded Pre-paid Cards

    Branded Pre-paid Cards

    Digital prepaid cards used to load, gift and spend at your locations, driving engagement and retention.

  • In-store ATMs

    In-store ATMs

    Introduce convenient access to cash with turnkey solutions for ATM management.

  • Business Financing & Cash Management Services

    Business Financing & Cash Management Services

    Build a more successful business with tailored services to improve cash flow and access financing when you need it.

We’ll build a custom program tailored towards achieving your business goals

First, we start by understanding your goals. Select one below.

  • Acquire New Customers
  • Increase Basket Size
  • Increase Visitor Frequency
  • Then we leverage our unique insights, proprietary platforms and targeted strategies to help you achieve your goals.

    • Data & Analytics
    • Partner Platforms
    • Targeted Strategies
    • Desired Outcomes
        • Data & Analytics

          Competitor Benchmarking

          Propensity Modeling

          Customer Segmentations

        • Partner Platforms


          RBC Offers

          RBC Rewards


        • Targeted Strategies

          Get 10% cash back on your first purchase

        • Desired Outcomes

          +1,200 new customers acquired this month!

        • Data & Analytics

          Spending Patterns

          Customer Segmentation

        • Partner Platforms


          RBC Offers


        • Targeted Strategies

          Get $5 cash back on purchases over $100

        • Desired Outcomes

          Customers spent an average of 32% more per purchase this past month!

        • Data & Analytics

          Loyalty Analytics

          Propensity Modeling

          Geo-location Analytics

        • Partner Platforms


          RBC Offers

          RBC Rewards

        • Targeted Strategies

          Get $5 cash back when you visit 3X this month

        • Desired Outcomes

          Customers spent 1.7 times at your brand this month!


    We are better together

    RBC is bringing Canada's top brands together to deliver more value to Canadians.


    Separately, we've amassed a loyal following


    But together, the power of a strong partnership gives us the ability deliver new value to our loyalists while enticing all Canadians to choose us over our competitors



    It’s a winning value proposition for all involved

    The power of a strong partnership

    • WIN for YOU

        • New, low-cost channels to reach Canadians
        • Unique insights into both your current and future customers
        • Important insights into your competitors and adjacent businesses
    • WIN for Canadians

      • Access to new products and services
      • Ability to gain incremental value from their loyalty
      • Additional value from the brands they already love
    • WIN for RBC

        • New ways to reach non-RBC clients
        • Unique insights into consumer behaviours
        • Deeper understanding of industry categories
    • 12th

      Largest Bank Globally

    • 1

      Largest Bank in Canada

    • #1

      Market Share of Mass Affluent Clients

    • North American Retail Bank of the Year

      3 years in a row –2018, 2019, 2020

      Awarded by Retail Banker International

    • Celent Model Bank of the Year


      Awarded by Celent, a division of Oliver Wyman Group

    • Highest in Customer Satisfaction

      RBC Retail Bank

      J.D. Power 2020 Canadian Retail Banking Satisfaction Study

    • Canada’s Most Valuable Brand

      Rank #1 in 2017 and 2018, Canada 100

      Annual report on the most valuable Canadian brands by Brand Finance

    We are Canada’s strongest bank

    • Healthcare

    • Newcomers

    • Student and

    • Home Buyers

    • Automobile
      Owners and Financers

    • Business


    • Healthcare

    • Newcomers

    • Student and

    • Home Buyers

    • Automobile
      Owners and Financers

    • Business

    Canadians choose RBC because of our tailored solutions to meet their unique needs

    Now, with RBC Partner Solutions, we’re helping our partners deliver new value and reach more Canadians

    We provide the people, processes, and tools to deliver turnkey marketing solutions for you

    We’ll get you up and running in <15 days while you work one-on-one with a dedicated Partner Relationship Manager to design a program tailored to your business needs.

    • Master Agreement

      Streamlined onboarding and legal processes enabling access to multiple platforms with one agreement

    • Launch

      No technology integrations – launch your offer in less than 15 days

    • Monitor

      Performance monitoring to keep a pulse on your program – and keep you within budget

    • Pay-for-Performance

      Pay only when customers spend with you – outlined in your monthly billing and reports

    Our team is ready to welcome you to the Partner Solutions program

    Reach out to the team member that you have engaged with up until this point or feel free to get in touch with our leadership.